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A postdoctoral research fellow is a highly-educated individual who has recently finished his or her PhD. He or she works on research that will further the goals of the company or establishment that he or she is employed by, as well as works to produce data and findings that are publishable. A person may work as a research fellow or a research assistant, may oversee projects as the primary investigator, or work for another individual. In some cases, postdoctoral research fellows work in a collective group.

The research projects themselves are funded by a company through hiring individuals for a specific project or goal, or by the government on a case-by-case basis. Postdoctoral research fellows investigate, design, implement, and evaluate research projects in a variety of fields, including science, communications, and medicine.

The vast majority of postdoctoral research positions are found in the education field, where salaries range from $60,000 to over $100,000 per year. In addition to this, most job providers, no matter the industry, provide upwards of an 11% superannuation payment for employees, which can be well above the 9% average.

As the Australian government is currently pushing to expand the research industry by a large amount before 2020, there are good job prospects for postdoctoral research fellow. 

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Medical Research Is Key to Australias Economic Well-Being

The new medical research fund in Australia will give the healthcare industry in the country more money with which to solve the problems of Australia and beyond. The fund allows for the creation of new research jobs and is targeted to innovation that may compensate for a slowing down in other areas, which has been a drag on the economy.

Thu, 22 May - Read more

Ageing Care Research Funded in Australia

Research initiatives that are tasked with improving the lifestyle, mobility, and minds of seniors in Australia have been encouraged to request funding through the 2014 IRP Research Foundation. Since its inception, this foundation has invested nearly $1.5 million in funds for research, creating new research assistant jobs in the nation.

Thu, 22 May - Read more

Research Provides New Hope for South Australia Forestry

In the past several weeks, much publicity has been given to the forestry industry, specifically in South Australia. In the beginning, it did not look like the press was given for any positive reasons. Even though the forestry minister in South Australia has been looking at the possibility of potential job cuts in the forestry industry, there is also hope that workers in research assistant jobs will be able to turn the tide. This would lead to a more stabilised workforce in the forestry regions of South Australia.

Fri, 16 May - Read more

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